Challenge: Meatballs

Watch us face our first vlogging challenge -DIY meatballs.



  1. kulet nyong dalawa! “i personally feel the meatballs are gonna suck” and i laugh hard like an idiot at starbucks. hahaha. thanks for the entertainment while i wait for my car to get serviced!

    • hahaha to my surprise the meatballs ROCKED!

  2. Hahaha! I wanna try those meatballs as pulutan. +P

    • Go Chabby! plenty of meatballs to chew!

  3. I like meatballs!!! Walang sweet and sour sauce?

    • Thanks Marlon! We can do a segment on sweet and sour sauce, we’ll post it soon! hehehehe

  4. Good job!

  5. huwaw cook ka na hazel!! (ang kulet mo mark =P) keep the vlogs coming! i like it esp pag friends mo pinapanuod mo haha! next time handa nyo narin ang spag and tomato sauce para meatball spag na…yummy! so ano next recipe natin dyan? share share!

  6. ei mark you made hazel cry!!!! but those MEATBALLS… looks yummy!

    • tears or Joy or were they of the ONION kind? hehehe Imagine if we had an HD camera then you would really cry hahahaha

  7. ang kulit!!! ang cute niyong dalawa. i want to try the meatballs. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Ruth, thanks for visiting our blog. Ok, we’ll make meatballs for you! Join us in our next adventure ha! ๐Ÿ˜› heheheh

  8. astig..natural artista!

    • Thanks for visiting our VLOG site. More exciting adventures to come!

  9. a word that should be in the dictionary but isn’t–meatballness.. lols!

    • I agree!

      meatbalnessl |หˆmฤ“tหŒbรดl|
      a ball of ground or chopped meat, usually beef, with added seasonings, eggs, salt & pepper, a touch of love and doubt
      โ€ข made by a dull, stupid, or foolish person.

  10. good work!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. MEATBALLNESS!!!! hhahahahahah!!!!!

    • MEATBALLNESS is like the word of the YEAR!

  12. Hey hey hey! The meat balls rock papi!

    I’ll subscribe for more kulitan and adventure! Keep vlogging!

    ’til next episode!

    • Thanks Mel! Do check out the site, we’ll keep you posted on other adventures

  13. Winner eto!

    • Thanks Ryan! Mas winner ka dahil nagtiwala ka sa post namin!

  14. Bwahahahahaha!!! Meatballness! Idol…funny video papi…

    • yes BonBon MEATBALLNESS!!!!!!!!!

  15. Nice! Nakakaaliw… cute concept… at na-engganyo ako mag-MEATBALL… hehehe…
    Galeng ng editing… need to work on the lighting though…
    But all in all, worth watching…

    • Thanks! Gilbey’s for watching. That is our limitation though hehehe 1CCD camera with no lights. But yeah the ultimate goal is to someday have an HD camera fro VLOGGING. Yoohooo! Sony! YOOOHOOOO CANON!

  16. ah lav et!! make more videos tapos benta natin sa dvd!!hahah

    • ohhhh..SEASON 1 is on the works hahahaha

  17. That’s a good tip – crispy fry mix..the catalyst to hold ’em together, i’ll try that for sure.
    Nice vlog guys!

    • Glad to have CHANGED you LIFE with that SUPER tip. Stay Stuck on our future DIY adventures. ROCK ON!

  18. the next( meron na nga ba?) online cooking show!!! artista na si mark!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. Kuya Mark,

    Nakakatawa kayong mag asawa!! Wala kayong magawa noh??!! Bakit naman nilamas na ung meat!! Puwede naman gumamit ng spoon??? Wala ba kayo nun sa condo?? Haha! Joke lang.. Good Job!! Sana next visit namin sa house nila Tita Mona meron kayong dalang meatballs!!! See you!!!

    • Thanks for visiting Nerie. That’s where the PEPPER comes in hahahaha stuck between the fingernails that is! hehehe but yeah! we’ll be glad to bring some meatballs soon!

  20. Ang kulet pare.. Winner!!! Next time Morcon or Paella naman

    • Thanks Carlo! yes PAELLA! love it! We’ll do one segment on home made PAELLA! or MORCON by MORONS

  21. Ibang klase tandem niyo! must try meatballness! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • you have not LIVED unless you have experienced MEATBALLNESS!

  22. Nice vid!..can’t wait for new one to show up.

    • Thanks Ian! Soon VERY VERY SOOON!!!!

  23. its all the sauce.try it w/ ketchup n mayo or sweet chili sauce.or even a simple salsa for a mexican twist…

    • yummm! Not too shabby but hey we’ll try it!

  24. wrapper na lang para lumpia naman….in fairness gumagana pa 1ccd mo…550d ba next??? shoot lang ng shoot!!! kitakits…

    • Thanks Alfie! Yup! you have to make do with what you have! Someday we’ll get that HD!

  25. hi, nice meatball & cool project… hope may delivery service, jejeje…

    • Gracias simpleserendipity! Have us over and we’ll MASH the meat in front of you and serve you. Heck we’ll even clean up after we cook. hehehehe

  26. Two Meatballs Up!!! A couple minutes well spent…:)

    • Thanks mark of SPENDING wisely! Rock on! Stay Stuck! MEATBALLNESS!!!!!

  27. next stop: kare kare. ๐Ÿ˜› or better yet ratatouille – if a mouse can do it, so can you. ;-D

  28. next stop ratatouille – if a rat can do it, so can you! ๐Ÿ˜›

  29. When I visit you guys in Manila, can you cook for moi?

    • Thanks JEWEL! we will make GIANT meatballs for ya!

  30. great job you guys! galing ng tadem nyo. so after ‘meatballs’ what’s next? can’t wait for your next vlog!

    • Thanks for viewing Arvinix! Soon! Soon! hehehehe we have something for ya’ll!

  31. I’ll donate pasta to go with your meatballs ๐Ÿ™‚ so sweet you couple

    • awwww hey! DONATIONS are always welcome! hehehehe Stay tuned for more adventures!


    • XANDER!!!!! MEATBALLNESS!!!!!!!

  33. I admire that you chronicle your adventures as a couple in any form or aspect, even if it was as simple as cooking meatballs. Keep ’em coming! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll be bookmarking this.. Yey another webpage to regularly visit!

    As for the meatballs, methinks my meatballs are better… even if I don’t know how to cook them yet. Hahahaha! XD

    • Thanks for visiting our site, Nic. Maybe, we should have a meatball cook-off and feature it here as well. Watch out for more vlogs!

  34. macky you are so kuleeeetttttttt! dami mo reklamo, wifey cooked na nga for you. i’m sure it was delish! sana na lang napanood ko sya before doing my detox, now i’m craving for meatballs and can’t have one, grrr. but good luck to your other kitchen escapades!

    • Thanks for viewing Rona. No feelings were hurt during the documentation hehehehe Sorry about the craving part! DETOX!!!!!!


    • Hi Junie, Hazel here. Unfortunately, he thinks I look like a meatball. I know, I married a meatloaf so quits kami! Thanks for visiting our vlog! ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. so mark! hehe benta! looking forward to more of this hehe

    • watch out for more episodes soon! hehehe

  37. Akala ko “melason” inspiration nyo hahaha! Ayos! Meron ‘to! May brand placement pa, pang viral. Inglesera ka dito Hazel! Global ba target? Haha! Sige lang, gawa lang ng gawa intayin ko na lang na makakuha kayo ng airtime sa news. Mark, tinatago na pala sa tinatawag na “umami” yung “vetsin”, same effect, they just changed the strat. Haha! Keep it coming guys!

    • Thanks Ray! yup the UMAMI thing? I just wanna call as it is! hehehehe More to come!

  38. Bravo!!! 2 thumbs up!!!

    O pare, nag comment na ako a! Hehehe

  39. ang kulit!!! cool..kakanin naman next video.

    • Thanks Elwin! Tough CHALLENGE yun a! hmmmm

  40. I’m trying your meatball recipe today with a little twist. I’ll add a sweet and sour sauce.

    • Well hey send some of you BROWN nuggets! ROCK ON! Let us know how it goes!

  41. MEATBALLS?…akala ko HAM-BOR-JER na bilog lang. Pero infairness mukhang masarap. tamang tama bawal ang ground pork sa Holy week kaya you may subsitute hipon may UKOY ka na!…the best!

    • Thanks Rommel for viewing hehehe yup it is fast approaching hence the early meatball binge

  42. …sarap ng UY LAMI! next time pair it up with bottled CHAMPORADO!…Match yan!

    • Hey now that’s AN IDEA! We’ll try it out with CHAMPORADO!

  43. marunong ka ba magluto hazel???

    • Hi Jay! I think I know how to cook…I think lang ah…hehehehe

  44. omg, you guys are so funny! just so you know, the green stuff for the meatball is called kinchay…LOL

    next project: Star Margarine!!! oh and thank you for the short exposure on Magnolia Nutri-Oil.

    • nutri oil was the only oil on our cupboard that’s why it was featured. thanks for the tip on the kinchay, vannie! Please keep visiting our vlog!

  45. well, you should be using only nutri-oil and no other oil…haha!

  46. Great show, what kind of meat is it? lol

    • It’s a secret heheheh. thanks for viewing!

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