Review: Orange Kitchen & Cafe

It’s out of the house and on to Fairview for a taste of one of the most unique restaurants in the city. Visit Orange’s FB page for more details!



  1. What really really concerns me is this: What did the cab driver say (or what was his reaction) while you were making this video in his vehicle??

    • Hi Nic, he actually didn’t care. Although Mark said that he was trying to look at what we were doing at the corner of his eyes…heheheh.. on my part, it was nakaka-conscious though!

  2. masarap ba yung pork bagoong? cool videos!!! isge pa gawa pa kayo

    • According to Mark it was very delicious! Watch out for the next episodes! Thanks for dropping by our vlog!

  3. wow ginutom naman ako gusto ko i-try yun thai rice tapos yun crispy pork bagoong naalala ko yun specialty nun resto sa dagupan binagoongang crispy pata! nakakapaglaway! ginutom ako….

    • MUST EAT them both indeed! Worthy of a round 3 if you ask me! Swing by Orange and thank us later. hehehe

  4. Social experiment naman ! hehe

    • Hi Trish! Yup! PASOSYAL? hahahahaha

  5. isaw segment naman! 😛

    • Of course we will do a segment on isaw!

  6. I like the food presentation and free ice tea. How about a review on HD cam hehehe…Mark video mo naman tank ko when your free 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words. HD? yup! Hopefully someone will sponsor an HD Camera. Yoohoo! SONY! Yooohoo CANON! This is afterall the VIDEOCAM Project and HD is the ultimate goal.

  7. damn!!! taga- rito aku bat ngaun lang nag-open kelan nka-lipat nako?!!! ORANGEEEEE!!!!!

    • Always worth the VISIT. try all the dishes but start with the two we just posted!

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