Review: Uy Lami! Spicy Tuyo

Take a trip with us to Fishlandia as we review a twist made on one of the staples of the Filipino breakfast community -the tuyo (made of the fish known as herring in English).



  1. Wow, appreciating the 5 stars =) Huy, dapat sinangag with egg kasama nito. It’s 180 per bottle. Thanks again for the support, fwends…love ya =)

    • Thanks for letting us try out the stuff. Well worth the 180! Cooking eggs now!

  2. I laveeettt! With the “pwet” ng bread. Hahaha! Hazel, mag grocery ka naman.

    • Thanks for viewing kutokid. Yup! I agree! Hazel needs to buy stuff hehehehe

  3. I-review na ang South!!! Kelan ka magpapa South side, Jomel?!!!

  4. Wow, an alternative for Spanish Sardines hehehe! XD

  5. when do we eat at you resto for simple alternatives?

    in fact, we just had Sardines for breakfast…. Yum!

  6. great review guys…. can’t wait to try it!!! dala kayo sa SG trip nyo… 😀

    • Thanks! Just txt 0917… hahahahaha for orders

  7. Mukang masarap yan with fried rice. Ok yan for Good Friday.

    • Fried rice cooking now as we reply! Oh yeah the tomato omelette is waiting.

  8. where do we get that uy! lami! salinas? is it available sa rob? ginutom naman ako c”,)b

    • hi Cute Geo, it’s only available for delivery, not yet out in the supermarkets. You can contact the number in the video and they can deliver directly to your doorstep (with minimum amount). Thanks for dropping by our vlog! stay tuned for more!

  9. hhhmmm…..the video made me wanna eat again…u should have added eggs and sme tomatoes… 😉

    • Yes gmack! unfortunately, we don’t have tomatoes and eggs in our ref. but we’ll definitely try the tuyo again with your suggestions!

  10. Uy, lami nga! Masarap yan Papi!

    Thanks for another great episode! Looking forward for the next one!

  11. lang ya kayo! nakakagutom! hehe. 🙂 kelangan ng extra rice. hihi.

    • Go rice Go! Episode 3 Airing in a few mins!

  12. nice acting mark….hehehe 🙂 mabilis ba silang mag deliver?? hehehe

    • Hi Neliemae. Thanks for viewing! Haven’t tried to have it delivered. We picked it up kasi. Just txt the number, they just might deliver quickly.

  13. haha! natawa ako sa natirang wheat bread.. mukhang nabusog kayo dun no? ma-try nga yang tuyo in olive oil na yan..

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