Test: Go! Go! Extreme Energy Candy

Can one candy really give you that much energy? See for yourself. 



  1. hindi nga nahyper..kumulit lang! nice! hehehe!

  2. You could’ve thrown in a couple more GO’s in the script and it would’ve been perfect. Hehehe.

    • What script hehehehe we don’t do scripts. We shoot, whatever comes out we post. Cheers! I do agree with more GO GO GO!

  3. kahit naman walang go!go! candy, hyper ka na sir eh.. wahehe.. anyway, tried that candy na, and it really isn’t an energy-boosting **@*. mas nakakabuhay pa ng dugo yung video kesa sa candy..:p

    • Well said Luanne. Extreme? NOT!

  4. ok GOOOOO!!!!!!!

  5. Sandy says more Psyche cameos, please! hahahaha!

    • Thanks Sandy! We’ll take it up with the PSYCHE and check her schedule. She has 1 pm with Friskies, 3pm with Ricky Reyes Etc. hehehehe


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