Review: W-71 China Phone

Check out this affordable fab phone!



  1. hahahah…. i’m happy with my phone as well. but if this phone is handed down to me for FREE? WHY NOT! atleast I won’t miss a single telenovela… by the way, mark is it cable ready?

    • For FREE? here you go! hehehehe

    • hi len, unfortunately, it’s not cable ready. pang telenovela lang talaga…heheh

  2. Wooooooooo! Idol! Or should I say, idols! 😀 Pwede, pwede! 🙂

    • Thanks for viewing Les! Rock on!

  3. i have an E71 (the original model that the W71 ripped off hehehe) but recently I’ve been looking for a dual sim phone.. thanks for the suggestion, guys!

    you showed the phone to me before na, but you didnt show me all of the features hehehe..

    and… the last few seconds of the video: major WIN!!! hahahahah!

    • thanks nic! it was mark’s idea to put his face on the phone. hahaha. yup, the phone is dual sim, too.

      • It’s our friends who asked me to VLOG about my Phone. Here ya go!

  4. Nice VLOG! . . . 🙂 . . Have you tried watching when u’re in the mall. . . SM Malls doesn’t have good signal for local channels.Let me know if u can get good signal then I’ll convince nic to buy it coz he’s looking for a dual sim phne. 🙂 Tapos pag meron na siya swap ko ung 2nd phone ko with this china phone. 🙂

    • Yup! It has it’s moments. T.V reception is okay at time at the Mall. I get to watch clear local channels whenever i’m outdoors

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