Event: Tears for Fears Live in Manila!

English band Tears for Fears is coming to Manila this May! Stop reminiscing and go pop with us. Get your tickets now.



  1. Hazel, don’t sing with your shades on…XD


    • Hi Nic, I have a huge zit near my eye. Need to hide it with shades:P

  2. Awesome acapella opening!! You guys will probably be one of the youngest people in the crowd hahaha!

    • Nothing will ever beat the Sheena Easton concert that Mark and I watched a few years back, We were the only ones with black hair! heheheh

  3. old school is cool. i’m more familiar with the songs than the band itself though. love the intro, they should be paying you for the endorsement lol 🙂

    • i agree! 🙂 thanks for dropping by!

  4. Mark, we join you in the cheap seats!

    • That’s where the party really is! See you up there there!

  5. SO JEALOUS you get to see them! can’t wait for the review. have fun guys!

    • Hey we’re jealous coz’ you guys get to see everyone else perform except tears for fears hehehe will update ya’ll as soon as the show ends

  6. WOOHOOO! Tears for Fears!


  7. haha. crush ko ang sunglasses! 😉

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