Review: 1521 Restaurant

It’s enough of those homemade challenges and on to honoring the real Filipino heroes and heroines in the kitchen. Watch us as we taste the wonders of Filipino food in 1521 Restaurant. 



  1. hi hazel and your hubby! enjoyed watching your vlogs especially this one. sarap ng food… ayos pa sa costume 🙂

  2. Ang saya ng “saya” haze…as for marc, I dunno…i was hoping you could rock the bahag!!!! Blah, blah,,vlog away, guys!!!! Thanks for picking up 1521 in your radars 😀

    • Thanks too! Keep on viewing! Cheers and more power to 1521!

  3. How do you guys pull off the costume stunt without getting embarrassed? Again, i’m sure maraming nakatingin hahahaha!

    That kaldereta pasta intrigues me 😀

    • it’s called CALLOUS Nic and LOTS OF IT

    • i was more embarrassed with the easter egg episode because the people in the playground were watching. no one really cared bout the filipiniana costume. i wonder why:)

      you should try the kaldereta pasta. they also have laing ravioli and pasta with pumpkin sauce and longganisa!

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