Challenge: Easter Egg

In celebration of Easter we’ve decided to make Easter eggs! Vote which egg looks better.  Happy Easter everyone!



  1. hey guys i think hazel’s egg looks better! chick rules!

    • Thanks for NOT voting for the Dark side hehehehe

  2. yeah hazel’s egg looks nice, itlog ni mark nilalangaw hahaha

    • Thanks for noticing my Egg Elwin hehehe

  3. the part where mark said, “are your eggs bigger than my eggs?” reminded me of a muppet talking hehehe. don’t know why…

    • hehehehe i’ll take that as a compliment any day Nic. Muppets rock!

      • I guess it’s the monotonous delivery and the head movement, Mark! Plus the small house background! yup yup I love them muppets too hehehe!!

  4. Mark’s egg rocks!

    • Can’t believe you only saw my egg now!!! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

      • I was supposed to watch it at mom’s last week but her broadband was taking forever. haha!

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