Review: The Banana Protector

 Protect your Banana from outside forces. Let us know what your favorite Videocam Project episode is and why on or before April 13, 2010. The HUMAN with the best response will WIN the Banana Protector. If you live in Manila. We’ll ship it to you for free.



  1. omg… hazel looks so hot with that banana protector!

  2. Nice device! The Japanese do come up with the weirdest inventions..

    Speaking of devices, that china phone episode is my favorite. Liked the last part with Mark’s face on the phone. And your pet cat Psyche modeling at the first part.
    The banter was pretty hilarious too.

    And no, I’m not desperate to win the banana protector.

    But then again,. why not???? hehehehe.

    • Very well said. The Japs rock! Apparently a lot of W-71 users think the same. Other countries have been grabbing our link on the W-71 review. hehehe

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